Allowing you to focus on what’s important... the music.

Everyone in our team is active in the music scene. As a result, we know the demands of the industry and the importance of quality and delivery. Between us it is possible to conceive an idea and see it through to its completion using our resources, skills and creativity, all in house as a collective.

logo & identity


You, as an artist, are a brand and your logo is as important as your EP’s and photos. It’s found on covers, social media platforms, websites, drum skins, merch, stickers, you name it. With years of experience under our belt, our graphic design team knows how to expertly match your unique sound with a visual, creating a logo that will add that special touch, not only to your first album, but everything that comes after!

Through interactive brainstorming sessions, our team will be able to get a feel of your identity, as well as your music to make sure we’re going down the right path.
Whether you’d like to take the wheel yourself or leave it all up to us, our designers have got your back.

design & illustration


Nowadays, image is everything! In all industries, especially the music one, you’re going to need a powerful statement that perfectly expresses your music. Whether its art design for your album artwork you’re looking for, posters, business cards or stickers, our design team will make make you stand out. Delivering high quality designs and illustrations for you as a solo artist, or your entire band, we’ll keep things simple but memorable.

Need any of the following?
Stationary (including business cards, letterheads, envelopes, comp slips) / Posters and flyers / Album Artwork / Press Kit / Banners / Billboards / Brochures / Laminates and Sticky Passes / Wrist Bands



Avoid printing headaches and hassles as we handle all of your needs and requirements, allowing you to focus on more important, and less irritating chores. We handle all kinds of jobs, large or small, ranging from tiny business cards to massive posters and apparel. If you need it, we can do it.

photography, film & animation


Work hand in hand with our experienced photographers, who plan your shoot in advance, ensuring that the captured imagery can be shared seamlessly across all platforms in a clean and professional way.

Whether it’s a quick promo video you’re looking for, or a fully produced high-end video for a single release campaign, it’s a necessary investment. Avoid hassle with White Noise™ as we work with some Malta’s greatest camera teams and directors.

We’ll take care of all the arrangements, from locations to make-up artists, stylists to extras, all you have to worry about is, as usual, the music.

Regardless of the genre of music you’re a part of, animation can illustrate your music and lyrics with much more creative freedom than live-action ever can.
With your help, our team can help you come up with a unique video, with an animated twist, ensuring that your song stands out even more than it already does.

social media design & management


Social media can make or break you, your image, even your entire brand. Whether it’s an up-coming tour you need to promote, a single release or just general online marketing, social media giants like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube need to become your new best friends.

Not sure where to start? Our social media marketing team are experts in creating and optimizing content, which is geared at your fans, as well as potential ones, to help you stand out from the crowd.

Specialising in creating artwork for artists and bands who are looking to establish a unique online presence. Increase your reach, rack up your views, grow your fan base and dominate the music scene with our team.

clothing & merchandise


We take band clothing and merchanise very, very seriously. Our graphics team are experts and ready to brand absolutely anything. Touring? Not a problem. We can design and produce limited edition t-shirts and other items, which can be fully branded with the tour name and dates, which are sure to sell quick and help your band with on-going touring finances.